The trade for Bobby Ryan came out of left field. I think it’s pretty safe to say that not many people, if anyone, expected the Sens to make a move after the Alfredsson news. I think we were still all shell shocked and in denial. Plus, the rumours of financial instability didn’t exactly scream trade for a 5.1 million dollar player. For one, we were never one of those teams with an unlimited supply of cash . While money is certainly tight, I’m glad that we made some moves to address team weaknesses. Because let’s face it, this is the worst time to be hurting for cash. Our window of opportunity is within the next two-three years. I’m glad that Murray and Melnyk are aware of this.

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Now that Daniel Alfredsson is taking his talents to Detroit, we here in Ottawa have to figure out who the next Captain. Philips? Spezza? Karlsson? Neil? All four of them have legitimate cases, but at the end of the day, only one of them makes sense.

Chris Philips:

Philips is the logical choice for Captain, but he is no longer the player he once was. To put it bluntly, he is past his prime. He can’t lead on the ice because he won’t be on the ice very much. I expect him to be the number 5 defencemen come the start of the season. However, he is one to rise his game for the playoffs. Like I mentioned, he is the logical choice for Captain, but he isn’t the one I’d pick. He just doesn’t have enough time left in the league. If I was management, I’d want the Captain to be the face of the franchise and Philips doesn’t have that wow factor about him. The A won’t change to a C.

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It’s been a sad day and it will take some time in getting used to, but the impossible has happened. The Daniel Afredsson era in Ottawa has officially ended. Unlike what we all thought would happen, it wasn’t via retirement. Instead, Alfredsson left on his own, deciding that Detroit offered him the best chance at the Cup. The unfathomable occurred and here we are.

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June 30 2013. It was the day that the Senators Organization welcomed the newest batch of future and potential Sens. As a fan, the day was exciting. After all, those kids whose name were called, are the ones that we are going to cheer in a couple of years down the road. The kids whose jersey we will buy with our hard earned money. The kids that will we learn to grow as they propel our team into the future. With that all, said, let me introduce you to the 2013 Ottawa Senators draft class.

Curtis Lazar  

Stats: Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL) | 72 GP | 38 G | 23 A | 61 P | 47 PIM | +25 |

Height: 6’0                        Shoots: Right

Weight: 190                      Position: Centre

Scouting Report: Strong on his skates with a good two way game. He’s a character kind of player with a great attitude who doesn’t shy away from the physical game. He’s willing and will stand up against opponents for his teammates and will drop the gloves if need be. Seems to always be in the right place to score goals. He also posses a good wrist shot. Lazar broke offensive records held by Steven Stamkos and by Sidney Crosby during the Canada Winter Games when he captained B.C to gold

Potential: If everything goes according to plan, he will end up as a solid contributor from the second line. May also end up as a good 3rd line centre. He’s a pretty safe pick and will likely reach his potential.

Twitter: @CurtisLazar9

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My last post documented the rise of the first generation of Ottawa Senators fans and how, despite the traditional grip on the National Capital by the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadians, fans of the Ottawa Senators are finally being heard. We are like the little brother who everyone has ignored until now. It has taken close to twenty years for us to rock ScotiaBank Place on a nightly basis, but at least now, it’s a building that we can call our own. With that thought in mind, it only makes sense then, that I write about something similar. This time– let’s talk about the worldwide spread of Sens Army.

I did some reading on HFBoards and discovered a thread where a poster by the name SensItComing asked for the location of Sens Fans around the world. It’s a cool idea and one I thought I’d explore a little more. The problem with his idea was that most people spelt out where they lived. Since no one really wants to read about where you live. Another poster, this time by the name of ROMANS12_12 created a Fan Map where people could post the general location of where they lived. Now we’re talking! I just want to thank them for the idea. I think its a great one.

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I can focus on what the Ottawa Senators need to do to win game 3 and 4. I can break down all the little things, and all the big things, that Paul MacLean and his staff need to address: power play, penalty kill and discipline. The list goes on and on. I can also talk about how Karlsson has been underwhelming or how Jean-Gabriel Pageau is now a hero, how Cowen is constantly getting beat or how Anderson needs to steal a game. But instead of doing that, I’ll let other bloggers and analyst do it and concentrate on something that everyone in the Ottawa Valley seems to have forgotten– us. The fans.

Being a young franchise in the middle of arguably the two biggest hockey markets in the world makes Ottawa an easy target for experts and opposing fans alike. It was only last year that the team celebrated its 20th anniversary. On the other hand, Montreal and Toronto have been around for what seems like forever. And when you have that much time to build a fanbase, chances are that there will be a lot of those fans in the National Capital Region.

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Having grown tremendously in the last couple of months,  it makes sense to have taken the next logical step. SensBud is now on Facebook! How can you find the Bud? Well for starters, you’re at the right place! All blog entries by SensBud and by exclusive bloggers can and will be found right here on the site. We’ve also decided to expand to other platforms to reach other audiences that might not make the trip to everyday. However, since you do, you’re not missing out because everything can be found right here!

Twitter: Sens_Bud


Facebook Page: SensBud


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Who needs a number one centre anyway? The Ottawa Senators don’t. At least not yet. For a team without its best offensive weapon, the Sens have done remarkably well. The rookies have really stepped up their game thus far– they have either scored the game tying or game winning goals in all four of the Sens wins over the Habs. Now that Round One is over, the task is about to get a little harder for the Cardiac Kids, but don’t worry, we might just see the return of Mr. Giggles

Bryan Murray hinted that Spezza could potentially return soon. He’s been skating on his own for some time and has now begun to practice with the Black Aces. A return to practice with the main squad doesn’t seem to be all that far away. He could potentially dress and play during Round Two if all goes according to plan. This could be huge for the team as they prepare for their next opponent. The return of the team best offensive player is great in two ways: it provides a physiological boost to the team and it provides some more firepower.

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War of the words. You have to love them at this time of year. It’s all part of what we like to call playoff hockey. Attacks are personal and comments are serious. Fans and players alike will go to great length to gain a physiological advantage. Anything to throw the opponent off their game. After being insulted by the fact that Coach MacLean of the Ottawa Senators refereed to Diaz, the Habs defencemen who made the suicide pass to Lars Eller, by his number, Brandon Prust went on to call the man Sens fans call Paulrus, a bug-eyed fat walrus. When Sens fan use Paulrus, we attach endearment to it. When Prust used it, it was meant as an insult.

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Brendan Shanahan’s decision to suspend Eric Gryba for two games is certainly interesting. What do I think of it? Well first off, let me say that I hope this injury will not affect Eller in anyway down the road and that he makes a quick and full recovery. As passionate as I am about winning and competing for Lord Stanley, it’s not easy to see players get hurt. Having that said, it’s a shame that Gryba was suspended. I simply don’t agree with the league decision.

 I’ve spent some time carefully viewing the hit from multiple angles as objectively as I can. The hit, as unfortunate as it is, is a hard clean hockey hit. Gryba is not to blame. I’m not going to break it down, as ‘experts’ both professional and otherwise have already dissected the hit from multiple angles multiple times. I’m sure you have heard it all so I won’t bother you with the little details. Now, if there is someone to blame for the injury, it is Diaz. I understand that decisions have to be quickly made- especially in the playoffs- but what a stupid pass. He is, for all intent and purposes, setting up his teammate for injury.

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